Garena Free Fire Hack – Get Unlimited Diamonds & Coins

Are you looking for Garena Free Fire Hack for unlimited diamonds and coins?

Garena Free Fire Hack:

Garena Free Fire become the fourth largest highest grossing game in 2019 in the battle royal category. With Apex Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG taking the lead march, Garena free fire was quite a surprise entry into the battle royal category.

Hail as the most promising game of smartphones by different gaming magazines; free fire now boasts of over 10 million players.

To complete with all the big-spending players in the game, you need to find a solution to getting free diamonds in free fire game. Use our online tool to get free unlimited diamonds and coins.


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Why you need Garena free Fire Hack Diamonds?

Well, as you know, if you have Free Fire Diamonds, you can purchase all the game goodies and different items which make you stand out from the crowd. Some of the items which you can purchase from FF diamonds

  • Game Characters
  • Game weapons skins
  • Characters costumes including premium getup
  • Characters hats
  • Characters goggles, facemask
  • Characters shoes
  • Garena free fire Elite Pass
  • Garena kill boxes
  • Characters cools bags
  • Garena ensign
  • Characters emotes


Garena Free Fire Game Play

Garena Free Fire game is based on the famous battle Royale module, where only one person or team will be standing last to declare a winner.

Depending on the format, you can choose solo, duo, or Squad, in this duo means two members and Squad means four members.

So, you can choose any of the formats, and then you need to choose the map on which you want to play. There are at present two maps on which you can play

  • Bermuda
  • Purgatory

Note: occasionally, you will find some events like BIG Head, night mode, or zombie invasion, but all these will be available on these two maps.

The game will start with 50 players with only one motto, “winner will be the last man standing.”

Every player will start the game with an empty hand and will be evenly poised with other players in the game. After players eject from the airplane he has to land on some good place where he can grab weapons and ammo without wasting time.


Garena free fire allows all types of playing, namely

  • Camping
  • Evade and survive till the end
  • Firing and Hiding
  • Hustle
  • Killing spree

Depending on the situation, you can choose to follow any of the gameplay you like and switch back to any of them as per situation demands.

To make the game more interesting, the safe zone will start moving in the maps, and players need to move inside the safe zone to avoid being eliminated in the game.

All those players who caught outside the safe zone loose health and in a few minutes, get kills. A safe zone ensures that players must come out from hiding and need to fight for survival.

Overall, you need to survive using any tactics and kill the last man to become a winner in the Garena free fire game.

Garena free fire hacks tips and tricks to move into heroic rank

There are many tips and tricks in the free fire game which you can implement and come out as a champion, depending on your firing skills.

1.Choose Correct Combination of weapon

Depending on your movement and gameplay, you need to choose the correct weapon for the situation. When every you are playing solo or single you should use these correct combination of weapon

  • Assault Rifle (AK46 or MK41) + SMG
  • Assault Rifle + Shotgun

Note: do not choose Scar in the assault rifle category when you are playing solo, as it has the lowest damage capacity.

When you are playing in a team or Squad, then depending on the team requirement you can choose this combination

  • Assault Rifle or SKS or Dragunov + SMG
  • Assault Rifle or SKS or Dragunov + Shotgun

Note: whenever you are playing in a team, you can choose SKS or Dragunov as they have high recoil time, but they have inbuilt 4x and can impart maximum damage.

2.Choose GlueBall over Grenade

Which one you will choose between Grenade and Glueball?

Well, all top players choose Glueball over the grenade, it may seem shocking, but this is the truth. Maximax players choose glueball over a grenade to save themselves in the critical time of the game.

So, if next time, if you find space only for one item, then choose glueball over a grenade to save from enemy incoming bullets.

3.what comes next after weapon

In Garena free fire game, the most important item which comes after the weapon is your protective covering. There are three types of protective coves in Garena free fire, and they are as follows

  • Helmets
  • Shields
  • Pan

Helmets are the protective cover to safeguard your head from enemy bullets, and you should keep on updating these in the game.

Shields are the most important protective cover which can protect your torso from incoming enemy bullets and were the first items that get damaged during any battle.

Pan is the second protective cover, which helps you deflect bullets from an enemy when they try to shoot you from behind. Pan never gets damage, and you can use them to attack any enemy also in the game.

4.Learn to play with three fingers

Like PUBG, Garena free fire can also be played with three-finger and now become a de-facto standard for players who rush to heroic stages.

In this 3-finger gameplay, you need to place three fingers on the screen of your smartphone, and using these; you can play your character.

You can enable the left finger firing button on from the setting of Garena Free Fire and place an index finger over it.

With your right thumb, you can click on the jump and use the right index finger for moving sideways.

Learn these advanced tactics of 3-finger rule and rush to heroic levels.

5.Keep an eye on minimaps

If we tell you that mini maps are lifesavers, then it is a correct statement.

Some of the features of mini maps of Garena Free fire are as follows

  • Locate any enemy nearby when he fires
  • Vehicle movement can be tracked using mini maps
  • You can find safe zone location in minimaps
  • Spot enemy position when he gets hit by Moco character
  • Find exact location of Dropbox in the minimap
  • Check UAV position and track enemy position in mini maps using UAV
  • Spots your teammates and help them in need

6.Wait for Airdrop to get advanced weapons

Airdrop in Garena Free Fire are game changer that provides advance weapons and shields. If you find any airdrop run towards it and grab new weapons or shield or camouflage.

Always remember, Airdrop is a free gift from the game, which has some advanced weapons which cannot be found in the game. Some of the weapons which you can get from airdrop are as follows

  • Groza
  • Dragunov
  • 3-level helmets or shield
  • Camouflage items
  • Glueballs
  • AWM
  • M249


Final words

So, these are the Garena Free Fire Hack, which you can implement to rush to the heroic rank and meanwhile earn some diamonds and coins for game cosmetics.